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Leadership Development Training for Animal Stewards and Philanthropists


Namaste comes from a Hindu greeting which means, “I honor that which lives highest in you.” The path to leadership that utilizes your most valuable strengths is not always apparent. Namaste Global Vision is dedicated to empowering both animal stewards and philanthropists to discover their greatest gifts and talents. We believe a strong community of leaders will inspire others to make positive changes in the world.

Soul Of Leadership (SOL) is an interactive program designed to empower leaders of change. As leadership consultants, we engage our clients in dynamic dialogues – allowing them to experience unprecedented shifts in their capacity to lead. Namaste SOL Development is designed for nurturing the spirits of those who are willing to make the little daily decisions that forge new destinies.

As a vital part of our SOL programs, Equine Guided Leadership partners with horses to bring you into the present moment – demanding that you drop habituated responses which keep you from establishing authentic relationships and leading from within. Horses are great teachers as they clearly understand their place of belonging and how to help you find yours. These animals “speak” from fully grounded communication and leadership practices – helping you to eliminate false preconceived ideas and propel you into compelling leadership success.

Being able to reliably generate breakthroughs begins with dedicated commitment to developing your own leadership habits. If you are interested in building a better future for yourself, your organization, and the world in which you live in, you are at the right website!

When we listen to the spirit within, when we are called to be leaders as all effective leaders are, we are leaders of change, not the protectors and perpetuators of a cherished, honored past. Leading the organization of the future in turbulent, tenuous times makes new demands on leaders: banning the hierarchy, building new and inclusive structures that release the energies of our people, challenging the gospel of the status quo, and finding the leadership language that mobilizes people around mission, innovation, and diversity. – Hesselbein on Leadership by Frances Hesselbein

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