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SOL For Animal Stewards


Developing Animal Stewards: Building a Better Future

Namaste Global Vision offers leadership development to the animal steward community. The time is ripe for leadership to emerge on behalf of the human-animal bond. Effective leaders can build a stronger future for the animals and the stewards who love them. Will you be the organization to answer this profound, bold and energized new call?


Namaste Global Vision is committed to empowering leaders in the animal steward and philanthropy communities who inspire others to make positive changes in the animal kingdom and beyond. With your help, we can work with these leaders in our transformational workshops to develop the skills and tools necessary to achieve bold planetary breakthroughs.


Extraordinary people have pioneered ethical stewardship programs and created shelters, sanctuaries, and new worldviews that have begun a movement to improve the lives of animals. Due to the hard work of advocates such as Jane Goodall, Roger and Debby Fouts, and Shelia and Dave Siddle, the creatures of the wild now have a voice.

With budget cuts and despair for our global family, the need for leadership development in organizations and individuals has become apparent. The animal steward community needs leaders with renewed innovation and uplifted spirits to preserve and improve the lives of our cherished animal friends and their stakeholders. Leadership development is at the core of this evolution and sets the new standard for excellence.

Hope lies in the organizations and individuals willing and empowered by a solid leadership foundation to make a change.

Goals And Objectives

To be the primary resource for transformational leadership in the animal steward and philanthropy communities by delivering leadership seminars that enable powerful leaders of change.

SOL Program Description

Program overview: SOL Development provides experiential ontological engagements and processes to help participants establish deeper and more rewarding ways of listening that enhance communication, relationships, the human-animal bond, and leadership. Our model was developed based on the principal that listening is an ever-present part of human interaction in the workplace. It is the core factor in establishing trust, rapport, and a sense of belonging.

As research indicates, compared to humans, horses have emotions and similar needs. NGV has established a model that creates genuine connection through equine-guided methods. Participants are taught to communicate with the horses via genuine respect and not by instilling fear, a common malpractice both in the workplace and in some horse-handling practices. Equine-guided leadership brings attention to the power of developing both verbal and non-verbal connections, thus enhancing relationships with both humans and horses. We have seen many of our participants spread the word about the amazing sensitivity and contribution that horses have in our lives, extending a message that benefits the horses and humans alike.

The SOL Development program consists of six days of dedicated, in-depth consultation work with a group of twenty-five committed animal stewards from various sectors. We focus on providing the skills and tools necessary to create profound shifts and leadership changes in themselves and their organizations.



Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6



core values


power of horses and animal steward passion

with passion

and animal steward outcomes


Being: Communication
and vision declaration

project values


lives in the heart
from the heart

stakeholders, horse style

steps with animal stewardship, philanthropy, project building, and passion


Stones: Projects made fun; projects that are alive in community

from vision and values

paradigms, shifting restrictions

work that shapes outcomes


acknowledgement, and completions



a deeper sense of belonging and capacity through
Learn the art of contribution and commit to action steps that can drive
positive changes

a project with action steps that clearly accomplishes a vision defined by core
values. Understand the “disconnect” and conflict caused by unaligned projects
and values; course correcting by aligning.

a new lease on life as well as velocity in shaping projects to produce
effective, reliable, and life-changing outcomes. Learn to speak authentically
and release fears, confused direction, upheaval, and stagnation.

with nature an
d the horse. Discover
“moving in horse time” and develop personal communication styles. Discover
the power of moving in a “herd” through leading and belonging.

confidence in the drivers of successful teams and projects. Discover new ways
to establish motivation, cultivated through authentic communication.

deeper states of inspiration, partnership, and collaboration through immersion
in nature. Participants will leave able to experience greater joy and
partnership in stewardship, contribution and collaboration with stakeholders,
and greater satisfaction in making an intended difference.

The reasonable man adapts himself to the conditions that surround him. The unreasonable man adapts the surrounding conditions to himself. All progress depends on the unreasonable man.   —  George Bernard Shaw



The future calls with insistence, and leaders who are passionate about building the viable and relevant organization of the future lead their people with vision, mission, values, and beliefs that permeate the total organization. “We manage for the mission, we manage for innovation, we manage for diversity” describes how the leader of the future presents, directs, leads and defines the management of the organization of the future.

—     Hesselbein on Leadership by Frances Hesselbein


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