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The World We See:

We see a world where the animals are happy and honored for their love and contribution to the world.

We see a world where humans and animals are bonded together, harmoniously sharing the earth. A world where all of the shelter animals are adopted into loving homes and none are euthanized. We anticipate the day when elephants, gorillas, big cats and other animals are never maimed, captured or exploited to provide humans with entertainment and goods to purchase.

We see a world where the abusive practices of factory farming are replaced with customs that honor the animals who live on the land. We see a world in which animals are never used for testing in laboratories while magnificent advances are made in medicine, science and consumer products. We see a ground swell of philanthropists and animal stewards, proud to be leaders of this change, who are producing amazing breakthroughs–stewards who are enthusiastically contributing to this extraordinary well-being, forging bold planetary achievements who feel they are a part something grand.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is straightforward: a happier world for animals and their stewards.

Our Mission:

We create and empower communities of leaders who inspire others to make positive change in the world.

What We Do:

We are the primary resource for transformational leadership in the animal steward and philanthropy communities. We enable people to communicate their passion into their heartfelt vision.

We deliver coaching and leadership seminars that enable animal stewards and philanthropists to expand their contributions and become powerful leaders of change.

Our Values

  • Abundance: There are enough resources for everyone to share.
  • Alignment: We believe that inclusivity, rapport and surrender are fundamental in creating change. We practice it and we coach others in realizing it.
  • Authenticity: When we live and act in alignment with our vision and values, we are being true to ourselves and the rest of the world.
  • Balance: We believe in juggling well, being creative and open for possibilities. We empower others to find balance in their work and lives.
  • Collaboration: Working together, we achieve partnerships that bring forth shared vision for everyone involved.
  • Humor: We love fun, joy and laughter. We encourage the hearts of others to show up in this fun and joy too. We promote greater well-being through laughter.
  • Integrity: In all endeavors we intentionally embody our core values to develop our future.
  • Intuition: Engaging and trusting our inner leadership, we draw from the universe‚Äôs guidance for our work. We coach others to live into these same universal principles as they change the world.

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