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Q & A



Are you reliably producing the results you want for the animals and the organizations you serve?

Do you often get discouraged about the future?

Are you interested in learning more about what inspires you?

Is creating positive change one of your goals?

Are you really good at what you do but lack the resources that you need to support your projects?

Are you noticing that you spend too much time on low payoff activities that prevent high yield results?

Are you working to put the right team together but are afraid that you might make things worse?


If you are like most professionals, you care about making a difference. You’re very good at what you do, however you haven’t mastered the leadership that lets you take the lid off creating what’s possible. You know how to work hard and defer gratification; yet you know there is a better way to produce the joy that you know the animals feel when they are happy and well cared for. And if that joy and wherewithal don’t show up soon, your spirit and even your resources could burn out.

Let’s agree that there is nothing wrong with you. We imagine that you learned the “what” and “how” of your career and philanthropic giving practices but never how to consistently develop your leadership to expand your contribution. As animal stewards and philanthropists, we tend to think of developing leadership as extraneous rather than as the core driver that makes us our best in our professions and giving. This almost always leads to unsatisfying results. No matter what we do or try, it doesn’t work the way we had hoped it would.


You can create a better world for the animals and their stewards. It can start right now, in joy and satisfaction without pushing so hard. Making a difference does not have to be stressful or frustrating if you approach it in the optimum way. It takes knowing ways that keep leadership, communication and contribution alive and vital rather than waking up every day unsure if you have what it takes to make a difference.


Ok, what exactly do I need to maximize my contribution?


Make leadership development a clear priority.

Commit to a compelling vision that you live by.

Embody personal and organizational core values.

Take the “nails out of your feet” that cause breakdown and burnout.

Expand your contribution.

Discover the drivers that bring joy, resources and sustainability.

Develop the communication practices that create healthy partnerships.

Enroll your stakeholders in your vision.

Partner joyfully with the animals.

Become masterful in your leadership.


These are the steps of Soul Of Leadership (SOL) that Namaste Global Vision has created to help animal steward professionals and philanthropists to maximize their contribution. Clients who have applied these steps with us have seen exceptional results quickly, often covering their investment right away. Others say there is no end to the value they get that grows out of this energy. Seeing animals happier and more cared for is a reward without measure.


Ok, what do you mean by quickly?

That depends on you and the amount of committed work you put into the program. Conventionally, clients have intentional results within three months to a year. Clients expand and deepen their expertise over the course of several years through committed coaching, intentional leadership practices and developing learning cultures. When we’ve worked with all the leaders in an organization the results have been fast and amazing!


Does it work?


The result of SOL Development is an approach that reliably takes your leadership to the next level and beyond. We don’t have a magic wand; it takes time, commitment and intentional effort.  Our clients who take our coaching and apply our systematic approach to develop their leadership have achieved tremendous success.  They have reached their goals and brought forth their visions in much less time than it would have taken them on their own. We are delighted that many of our clients enthusiastically let us know that they were able to cover their leadership coaching investment within the first quarter.


What clients do you work best with and what is expected of me?

We work best with recognized change agents, leaders and organizations that work with or on behalf of animals and other global, life-affirming organizations. Many people don’t really see themselves as either change agents or heroes.  They just decided to make something better and got the job done. That makes them unsung heroes. We are particular about who we work with.


SOL workshops, products and programs have been created for people and organizations who are absolutely energized and deeply committed to making a difference in the world, defining their contributions and generating meaning in their work. They don’t wake up each morning wondering if it is worth it to go to work or to try on something new. They want to end outmoded paradigms that compromise their integrity and keep them awake at night, feeling dispirited and overwhelmed. We coach you through the leadership distinctions that will get you the results that you are seeking without having to wait until outside conditions change. This program and private coaching are designed to empower clients over a six-month time period. Organizations contract with us for custom designed packages.

As leaders and creators of positive change, we work best with those who clearly see the need to create positive change and take steps to promote it. They choose to maximize the difference they want to make in the world. You will be expected to take important and consistent action. No excuses anymore, just a very different way of being and communicating. You will be in an environment of full support while you realize this incredibly exciting future: becoming consistently the change that you want to see in the world.

For what type of professional is this program NOT going to work?

Because we’re very discerning about who we work with, we choose to kindly turn away people who aren’t suited for our programs and won’t be able to achieve the outcomes they seek. We don’t think that would be fair to any of us. We don’t easily work with people who often say things like “we do it this way because that’s the procedure we have to follow” or “this is something that I don’t like to do but there is no alternative.”

Sometimes, when people come to know about our work, they think of other people that they know who would benefit from it.  We love it when that happens!  Unfortunately this occasionally comes in the form of wanting us to “fix” someone in their organization who isn’t performing as expected or is constantly challenging the leadership of others. We are not in the people fixing business.  We empower you to empower your team. We will gladly provide you with the leadership skills and tools to improve performance with your team but we can’t do your job for you.  That’s why you are a leader!

The SOUL OF LEADERSHIP programs are also not, at least not right away, for those who are clearly in financial breakdown and are experiencing a quiet desperation about their money situation. It’s been our experience that people and organizations that feel resigned to their financial crisis don’t yet have the capacity to place their attention on developing their leadership. Generally they mistrust the coaching we give them and do not do the work, which, in part, is due to their fear. Often they are also employing survival tactics to keep the animals fed and are worrying about how they are going to get next month’s budget funded.

If you fall within either of these categories, it’s absolutely OK. In many areas of our lives we need to take one step at a time and often steps need to be taken in a specific order. Here are some steps you can take in preparation for working with us:

1.     To be a good steward to the animals and people who depend on your support, you need to have a strong sense of personal, financial and emotional wellbeingness.Know that by getting financially solvent, you are making a big contribution to the world and to the animals. You can serve from a full cup. Trust that you will create a financial breakthrough, by committing to doing so. So commit right now. Don’t keep looking for evidence of “how bad it is.” Keep your vision on the money you want.

 2.      When the “wolves are at the door,” figure out creative ways to feed them. Make sure you are feeding the right wolves. Then kindly but firmly tell them to leave your home. They are much happier anyway roaming the mountain ranges of Montana, Yellowstone, Ethiopia and the Great Smokies. The wolf can also be a great teacher. The wolf is here to help you adapt to change as she adapts to her environment embracing the coming season and availability of food. Whatever else you do in your life, carve out a specific amount of time to dedicate to bringing in money. The amount of time each week is up to you, four hours, a whole day, whatever works best. Include in your money-vision training funds and funds that get your infrastructure sound. Don’t low-ball the goal. Find things in your organization and life to be grateful for. Give thanks and appreciation to everyone around you who is cheering you on.  Don’t give up. Stay in action. Ask for help. Be humble. Press onward.

3.    Be kind to yourself and firm. You can do this. Don’t settle for survival. Reach for sufficiency in everything you do and are. Read Lynn Twist’s book: The Soul of Money. Celebrate the small steps along the way. They mark your pathway to reaching the ultimate goal. Be sure to ask your friends what they do when they are stuck and need to move forward. Listen and don’t argue with them. Trust that that they are likely to be great coaches for you. Try their successes on.

 4.      Get some money coming in with a full-time or part-time job at the very least, and then call us.  This will de-stress you and provide a little more peace of mind. Mostly, it will de-clutter your mind enough to focus on your leadership development assignments and the BIG picture. It will help you be in the coach-able place you need to be. Once you start seeing your efforts flourishing on an ongoing basis as a result of our working together, you can then start reducing the hours you work at that other job and focus on your vision and leadership future.

5.      Study and practice these four tools over the next four months. They will help you get started in moving towards your goal and working with us. Spend some time looking at the Articles page of this website to help you inquire into your future and build your confidence. When you are ready, call us and we’ll help you get started.


What happens if you haven’t yet worked with people whose challenges and strengths are similar to mine?

We have worked with hundreds of clients in a wide scope of private sector, non-profit, corporate, and small businesses. Most likely we have worked with people a lot like you. Even if we haven’t, you still are at an advantage. Here’s why: people in similar situations are probably doing nearly the same things to be fabulous philanthropists and animal stewards. What our clients have found exceedingly helpful is that we bring an extremely fresh perspective to their leadership development process and give them resources they’d never heard about. Because of this, they stand out in the crowd and are the ones who start getting powerful results from manifesting their vision. Our work is designed to help you accomplish what you want no matter what your situation may be.

How are you different from other leadership development consultants?

We are the ones who are focused on animal steward and philanthropic organizations.  We are doing what we have done for other organizations in an arena that we care deeply about and are committed to.  We are bringing leadership development to where it will do the most good for the animals and the world.  We are all about the animals. We are all about a new global family of shared unity.  We have done a lot of research and learned about a lot of bad practices and what others have done to eliminate them.  Our work enables people to have the capacity to create positive change.  Change that can and will put an end to things that harm animals and our world. Change that will ensure best practices are shared and even better practices are created throughout the animal steward community, the philanthropy community and the environment.

We get to the heart of your concerns. We are very focused on anything and everything that works for animal stewards and philanthropists. Because our focus is very sharp, what you get with us is no-nonsense, full-strength expertise on the best leadership development paradigms and practices that work for you.

What does this mean to me?

While our work focuses on vision and results, which most leadership coaching does, we enable clients to become more visible and appreciated in their organizations and communities. We empower our clients to gracefully stand in their leadership strengths in unprecedented ways. We have designed a powerful set of questions and experiential exercises that let clients get to the heart of what they most passionately want to change. We also believe that everyone in the animal steward world wants to deepen the human-animal bond. We believe that philanthropists want to make a profound difference in the world. We offer Equine Guided Leadership to help that process along. Our leadership model encourages some of the unsung heroes and leaders to immerse themselves in developmental dialogue with other leaders to create community and cultural transformation.

What exactly is SOL Development and what does it include?

Being able to reliably generate intended breakthroughs and create great teams begins with committing to fully developing your own leadership. To be the best philanthropic or animal steward leader you can be calls on you to fulfill the animal’s, organization’s and project’s essential needs. It requires that you enroll your stakeholders to serve those needs. The purpose of Soul Of Leadership is to help you create change to improve the lives of animals and all members of our global family.  Our interactive programs and coaching accomplish this by giving you the tools and skills to become leaders who can change the things that you want changed. Here is what SOL offers to empower that development:


1.      Make leadership development a clear priority.

We explore with you when and how you are currently making room for developing your leadership. We help you prioritize your leadership goals and how to best use time management systems. We empower you to be immersed in the essential development steps that manifest the best futures. We show you how to effectively lead your teams in this shift. We help you to live into your leadership minute by minute. In short, we empower you to become fully engaged in developing your leadership and vision. That helps you clear your desk for what is most essential.

2.      Commit to a compelling vision that you live by.

An ancient Japanese Proverb tells us that “Vision without action is a daydream and action without vision is a nightmare.” We’ll help you to be confident that your vision is clear, compelling and aligned with your core values. That is the way to be sure that your vision will be easy to live by and communicate.

3.      Embody personal and organizational core values.

Together, we explore what conditioned values have shaped you or your organization. Core values are the who, what, why and how of all effective leadership. Who you are is shaped by your values. Those values are what you stand by and what you bring to the world. Why you choose to live into these values is the best inquiry that you can embark upon.  How to embody these values in your leadership, communication, partnership and decisions is what the horses and SOL empower you to step up to. We help you get current with the values that define who you and your organization are today.

4.      Take the “nails out of your feet” that cause breakdown and burnout.

The answer to the question “what is holding me back?” is usually “me” or “us!” Even if there is an external obstacle blocking you, as leaders it is our job to create breakthroughs.  We encourage you to look inwardly to find the ways to minimize those obstacles and keep moving forward.  You’ll discover ways to transform a breakdown into a breakthrough and maximize your successes.  Is there a better way than a long string of successes to avoid burnout?

5.      Expand your contribution.

We listen deeply to your contribution. We empower you to powerfully communicate that contribution into the world. We help you define your strengths, talents and gifts. We enable you to get visible in ways that magnetize your stakeholders and get you recognized as a leader of change. We help you position yourself to create optimum change for the animals, generating a happier and more sustainable future for them. We empower you to align your philanthropy giving practices with other partners who are at the front lines to co-create the future.

6.      Discover the drivers that bring joy, resources and sustainability.

Focusing on the negative and what can’t be done is, simply put, a “bummer.” And still we all spend some time doing that on a regular basis.

Generous giving opens hearts and calls forth positive futures. Once you take a good look at what brings joy, resources and sustainability, and consciously choose to focus your attention on the positive future that you want to create, you are instantly on the path to effectiveness, joy and happier, healthier animals and global unity. What a tremendous benefit that is for you and your team!

7.      Develop the communication practices that create healthy partnerships.

One of the key, and most overlooked, components of good communication is listening. Learning to listen someone into existence is an art. William Stringfellow said: Listening is a primitive act of love in which a person gives himself to another’s word, making himself accessible and vulnerable to that word. SOL Development is all about bringing that ancient art alive in your communication practice. When SOL Development moves into the arena with horses, these masters of love, enchant us with their deep listening and demonstrate even more graceful pathways to listening for partnership connection.

8.      Enroll your stakeholders in your vision.

Having your vision is the first step.  Communicating your vision is the second.  The third step is to enroll your stakeholders in your vision. Steps one and two make step three a lot easier.  A well-formed, values-based and effectively communicated vision gets fast and easy buy-in from those you engage.  Once the people on your teams share your vision great things happen and mountains start to move!

9.      Partner joyfully with the animals and your world.

The horses, with their majestic hearts and profound souls, know the magic places where joy lives and will gladly lead you to them. Philanthropy is about creating best relationships, opening doors and hearts. Let the horses open yours. As animal stewards you face complex and sad situations all the time about the lives of animals. It can cause your spirit to dull and make you feel disheartened. Remember when you first wanted to work with the animals, how much joy you experienced in being with your animal friends? Joy comes from a deep place of shared vision. When you learn to release outmoded paradigms you can envision new outcomes. It comes from having deep integrity. It also comes in re-engaging a new relationship with the animals and the global world that you serve. SOL helps you re-kindle your joy and bring it into the life of your work with the animals and our human family.

10. Become masterful in your leadership.

Yoga and martial arts masters don’t achieve master status overnight.  It takes years of practice and use to get there. Even after they achieve it they are ever the student. Leadership works the same way.  Exercise your leadership at every opportunity.  Not only in real situations but also create practice situations for yourself. Immerse yourself in a coaching community. Think and plan ahead. Keep becoming more reliable in your communication, deepening your own leadership growth and that of your teams. Before you know it, great leadership will become second nature in you.  Soon you’ll be telling yourself how well things went in many different situations thanks to your masterful leadership!

This is the Namaste Global Vision way to consistently achieve the results you are looking for.  Leadership that doesn’t get the results that you are looking for is not of much value.  Leadership that produces intended results is priceless.  Whether you have a large team, a small team, or many teams, the leadership development we offer brings fabulous rewards.  Even if you don’t have a team at all!  Developing your personal leadership is one of the most rewarding gifts you can give yourself.

What results can I expect?

You can expect to:

Clearly discover, define and express your vision and values

Develop visions that create intended futures

Lead from actions aligned with your vision

Discover how vision setting makes you more efficient

Expand communication expertise to provide incomparable leadership

Listen to others to let their vision come to life

Shift away from scarcity consciousness to generating abundance

Discard outmoded and ineffective paradigms

Be intuitive in your leadership practices

Be grounded in core values that shape your destiny

Increase presence and authenticity as a leader of change

Lead from passion, dreams, strengths and integrity

Gain confidence in your ability to lead

Develop unparalleled relationships and partnerships

Effectively create human and animal teams

Step into the commitment practices that ensure your success

Expand your capacity to enroll others in your vision

Navigate terms of satisfaction with partners of shared vision

Make your organization stand out in the community and among your peers

Create an action plan that kicks off the next three months

Implement systems so you can consistently and easily lead

Work gracefully and have fun

Have more capacity to play with the animals and your world

Stop struggling

Have time for the things you care most about

Be inspirited and passionate about your future

Be a top player on winning teams

Create unprecedented breakthroughs

Shift negative practices into positive driven cultures

Have the tools and leadership that create the best lives for animals

Be a global leader, partner and student of kindness and joy

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a leading leadership development consultant?

To answer this question we’d like to share with you some defining moments and subsequent “compelling stories” that got us to where we are now, coaching people like you to communicate your own compelling stories.

Art’s Story:

After more than a decade as a leadership and coaching consultant for several Fortune 500 companies I was invited to participate in a leadership program that involved horses (Equine Guided Education).  As a long time animal lover this had a lot of appeal even if it didn’t seem to fit my leadership development paradigm.  Even if it didn’t add any new tools to my toolbox, it would be great to spend a few days with some horses, and my experience has been that where there are horses there are usually dogs, cats and other furry friends.  The program met my animal bonding expectations nicely and the content of the program completely blew me away.  The horses were some of the best teachers I’d ever met and the entire experience was wonderful and enlightening.

My defining moment had come when my daughter, Shannon, was in veterinary school.  Part of her training included doing “practice” surgeries on a perfectly healthy, though decidedly not very nice, dog.  After the surgeries were complete the students would then euthanize the dogs.  She put up a good front but I could see how bad she felt about what she had to do.  She was there to learn how to help and heal animals, not harm them.

Before I left the barn on the last day of the Equine Guided program I had already started to think about how this would be a great fit for veterinary students.  In addition to the early-on experiment dog situation, vet students don’t, for the most part, feel like they have a lot of control.  How wonderful it would be for them to develop their personal leadership and start planning their career and future while they are still in school.  To feel empowered to ask if there might be a different way to learn without hurting and killing animals.  To NOT feel that their career is shaped by who they meet and what internships and externships they are accepted to, but shaped by a plan for what they want their career to be.  Even if that plan needs to be somewhat flexible.  And what vet student wouldn’t love the experience with and learning from horses?  I had a new calling and knew what I needed to do!

Karla’s Story:

I’ve worked with organizations, Fortune 500 companies, change agents and budding entrepreneurs as a teacher and leadership consultant. There is something magical about the people who show up courageously to create interior leadership changes that shape new cultures. Early in my work, I witnessed many people trapped by their conditioning. I watched them fashion their relationship with the world and their giving practices from the values of that conditioning, often hurting themselves and others. I saw how developing their leadership allowed them to identify a new vision, release outmoded paradigms and assume new values. I’ve dedicated my work and life to a study of how people can become leaders, freed from ineffective work practices and limiting beliefs.

While in Africa, I visited a chimpanzee sanctuary, fulfilling a life-long dream. I opened to the fragility of life as I bonded with orphaned chimpanzees. Many of the babies arrived at the sanctuary in states of shock and despair, having been ripped apart from their mothers, often witnessing tragic endings. A few years later, I watched a video: Peaceable Kingdom. I sobbed witnessing what our farm animal friends suffer as they are terrified and abused by humans. These events were defining moments. I vowed to share my consultation talents with the animal steward community.

My experience with equine-guided education shows me that the best way to engage 1500 pounds of dynamic being is through intention, awe and passion. During an equine-guided education course, a pregnant horse, Cowgirl, stood outside the round pen witnessing a participant who was engaged in new equine-leadership learning. The woman complained loudly about her work teams back east. She interrupted the human consultant and shooed her horse consultant away. Cowgirl watched this scene and then her eyes welled up with tears.

Our little learning community grew quiet. It took a while but Cowgirl broke through and the woman saw that she was pushing others away. The learning community felt, along with the woman, that Cowgirl was shedding tears for how humans have disconnected from relating fully.  Cowgirl showed me the essential contribution animals make to us as stewards. That’s when I knew that equine-guided leadership is essential.

Modeling the Way

Teaming up in partnership we brought together our leadership development experience with our love of animals and our global world.  Along with our commitment to bring the power of positive leadership building to our clients, we merged three powerful leadership paradigms.

In the process of bringing our offer to life, we engaged extensive research on behalf of animals.  We found a lot of bad news and also a lot of good news. Our goal is to help create a lot more good news and eliminate as much of the bad news as we can.  That’s why we bring leadership development to the animal steward and philanthropic communities.

What animal steward clients are drawn to you?

The short answer is anybody who works with or on behalf of animals. But leadership development is beneficial for just about everyone. If you add that together with the fact that there are a great many people and organizations, from a multitude of backgrounds and locations, working on behalf of animals, it makes our audience rather large.

Also, there are many good leaders who have never been taught exactly how to embody powerful leadership. They are very intuitive and natural in their leadership abilities. If they learn to set up communication systems and commit themselves to in-depth leadership work that allows them to expand their leadership and vision intentionally, they can become even better leaders and regularly produce intended results. That said, we have worked with people in a variety of professions and at all levels in their industry, so it pretty much runs the whole gamut.



  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary Students
  • Shelter Workers
  • Foundations
  • Veterinary Schools
  • Sanctuaries
  • Animal Trainers
  • Pet Stores
  • Corporations
  • Pet Product People
  • Groomers
  • Pet Hotels
  • Animal Behaviorists
  • Animal Care Givers
  • Animal Foundations
  • Zoos
  • Animal Enthusiasts
  • Animal Researchers
  • Animal Communicators
  • Writers
  • Consultants
  • Attorneys
  • Philanthropists
  • Non-Profits
  • Farmers
  • Career Counselors
  • Conservationists
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Legislators
  • Animal Assisted Therapists


  • Animal Photographers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Government Agencies
  • Small Businesses
  • Executive Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Customer Service Groups
  • Business Coaches
  • Hospice Care
  • Wildlife Rescue Groups
  • Environmentalists
  • Service Animal Trainers
  • Animal Media

What philanthropic clients are drawn to you?

The philanthropists who love our work care about the world. They know that joyful giving comes from shared values, vision and positive partnerships. They believe in change and in the possibilities of making the world a better place. The clients who seek us out are often lifetime learners and have intentionally evolved their giving practices.

They realize that being a leader of global change comes first from developing their own leadership before launching off into new partnerships or strategic plans prematurely. They are looking for better ways to share their vision with their stakeholders and donor recipients. They are looking for best communication and collaboration practices. They are looking for new ways to give. They seek inspiration, community and transformational change. They are also new to philanthropy and ready to begin their journey.

How can I promise myself that I will create a valuable vision and be a better leader?

Make coaching and being coached a priority. Be totally focused on your leadership development in all aspects of your life. Take the time to notice when your leadership skills are working well. Understand that it’s not a “quick fix,” it’s not magic and it takes up to a year for you to live into the Soul Of Leadership shifts you have created.

All our clients who have faithfully taken our coaching and applied all the essential steps of leadership development training have produced extraordinary shifts in their leadership and capacity to form unbeatable teams. They report that they have successfully expanded their contribution, organizations and philanthropy in much less time than they would have on their own AND have become more abundant and dynamic, doing what they do best — making a better world for the humans and the animals.

Will I recover the investment I put into this coaching program?

Yes, a resounding Yes! Leadership manuals, books or information packets cannot create leaders. Only you can invest in your own development, and that of your teams, through working with successful coaches. What you’re getting with Soul Of Leadership and subsequent coaching is a more effective leadership style that will move you faster than you would on your own. In addition to the resources you’ve been looking for and haven’t found until now, you’ll be creating tremendous positive change for the benefit of humans, the environment and animals. That’s what you’re investing in, results for you, your organization, the humans and animals you help and other humans and animals that you don’t even know you are helping!

Many of our clients are happy to report that they were able to recover their investment when they created a new breakthrough in their field:

One helped feral cats live a more dignified life while keeping the birds safe.

Another found a way to partner with the animals that brought bigger recognition and appreciation for animal welfare.

One client committed to on organization to expand her giving rather than moving from organization to organization.

Others formed alliances within their own organization or with other organizations that moved mountains.

Take a moment and ask yourself:

What is one new breakthrough that I hope to create for animals?

What is one new breakthrough that I hope to create for my team members?

What is one new breakthrough that I hope to create in the world?

What is a breakthrough worth to me?

What is the return on my investment from having one dynamic new team?

What is the value of ten more animals a month going to the right homes?

What is the value of a better world with more peace and shared wealth?

Chances are that amount will more than cover your coaching investment with how your stakeholders see your success and invest more in your work. Most likely, you will make 10 times what you invest in this program over the next 3 years. The information and skills you learn with SOL will net you 100 times what you invest over the next 10 to 20 years. You will gain financially and have peace of mind, being confident that the difference you are making expands over your lifetime and trickles down to your protégées.

Based on everything I’ve read and heard about your leadership development, I know that you’re the one I want to learn from and work with. What are my options for getting started with you and what value will I get?

Congratulations on making a choice for a successful new future! We’re delighted to work with you to help you design your vision and achieve your leadership goals.

We offer in person and on the phone coaching programs for individuals and teams.  We offer private custom coaching and training for organizations. We also offer interactive programs that include equine-guided education and have specified coaching follow-up.  The interactive programs are offered in an open enrollment format or they can be customized for specific groups.  These options give us a variety of ways to help you get to where you want to be.

We highly recommend one of the interactive programs, open enrollment if it’s just you, or a custom program if you are with a group of 10 or more. That way you’ll get all of the leadership skills and tools you need to start creating the change you want to see right away!  Values-based vision, communication, partnerships, letting go of outmoded paradigms and so much more.  You’ll be amazed by the insight you get from the horses.  It’s the cat’s meow!  Plus you get the follow-up coaching to help you with immediate implementation.  And don’t be surprised if you decide to add some additional coaching sessions, they’re that beneficial!

With your deposit for any of our SOL program offers, you officially begin the programs. You will receive an in-depth questionnaire about yourself, your organization and your work to fill out and return. Often clients communicate that they see ways to create change as they begin to reflect on their questionnaire answers. You will then receive a personalized interview with a member of our coaching team. In most SOL offers you will receive a program manual and additional e-mail coaching correspondence.

Once you’ve immersed yourself in one of the SOL Development offers, you will be leading from a powerful declared vision and grounded core values. You will be demonstrating effective communication that reliably builds rapport. You will empower your teams for greater productivity, joy and shared leadership. You will have access and can make use of identifying breakdowns and the nails in your feet that derail your project’s forward action. More, you will be able to shift those outdated paradigms and take the nails out, in record time. You will transform the past into a new opening for future possibilities for yourself, your stakeholders and the animals. You will be practicing the ongoing art of building an appreciation culture that celebrates best practices. You will be instrumental in shifting poverty thinking by creating a thriving, prosperous future for the animals, their stewards, our environment and the world.

OK, I know what offer I want to take. What is the next step?

Great! Did you know that one of the most important traits of successful people is that they take action? They are decisive, take reasonable risks, and they move forward more rapidly as a result. We know that successful people make decisions based on their intuition. Your combined knowledge and intuition have led you to this decision, so go for it!

Here’s what you do: just click on the Contact link and then fill out the form. One of our team members will get back to you. If you have any questions about any of our offers or our work, please email us at and we will be happy to answer any questions that you have. We are delighted that you are ready to work with us to empower you in taking the next bold steps into your leadership contribution.

If I’m not sure I’m ready to begin, how can I try out your work at a reasonable cost to see if it’s right for me?

We can do way better than reasonable!  Just click on the Articles link above and you’ll find proven tips, tools and powerful leadership precepts.  Many of the Articles are there for you to take advantage of so that you’ll begin to see just how valuable the Soul Of Leadership is long before you even pick up the phone.  And just think, if you like what we have available for you on the website, you are going to love what you sign up for!

OK, I’m ready to work with you, but I have a few questions. How do I reach you?

Good, sounds like you’re ready to build your future! Yes, if you have questions, just email our team at or call us directly at 415-381-1537 and leave a message and we’ll be happy to walk you through the different options to see which one will be the very best for you, right now. We welcome this chance to empower you and watch you succeed! We are honored to be the ones to help you. Let’s get started right away!



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